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Undergraduate Majors

In a world where science and technology have become the standard, the College of Natural Sciences blends world-class education with cutting-edge research that allow students to reach their career goals.  Our committed professors and strong research programs enable both undergraduate and graduate students to become vital participants in the scientific process, while preparing them to actively contribute to society’s needs and challenges.  Whether your passion is in the behavioral, biological, mathematical, or physical sciences, the College’s eight nationally recognized departments will help you spell SUCCESS.

Photo of a Student Walking on Campus

A student walks his bike on the plaza in the fall with the Computer Science Building in the background.

What will I do with a major in Natural Sciences?

Explore the following links in the areas that interest you. Each link contains information on the specified major as well as ideas for future careers that will be accessible with a degree from our College.

With eight different academic departments, the opportunities offered by the College of Natural Sciences are vast! While some students already have a clearly defined career goal (such as continuing their education in graduate school or preparing for a research career in a specialized field), many college students continue to question what they will become when they “grow up.”

If you have any career-related questions or if you would just like to get an idea of whether or not you are in the correct major, please contact Judy Brobst at or visit our Career Counseling homepage.