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Our students are benefiting from hands-on research, technologically advanced teaching tools, collaborative environments, and effective new teaching methods, implemented by one of the finest Carnegie-class, research-intensive universities in the country.

–Dean Nerger

In the College of Natural Sciences, we develop solutions to many of today’s most pressing scientific challenges. Our researchers explore science through basic and applied research,, asking and answering some of the most fundamental, far-reaching questions about the world around us. Many other fields depend on the work that we do.

Here, undergraduates can take part in research that other universities might reserve for graduate students. They get to know their professors. They have a sense of belonging. They leave deeply trained, but also versatile – well-prepared for the ever-evolving job market or graduate school.

Learning takes place in all corners of the College:

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All applications to Colorado State University are handled by CSU Admissions – students do not apply directly to a college. During the application process, you can select a major (such as biology, psychology, etc.) as your primary interest. After that, we’ll get in touch with you with more information about your chosen area.

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