Colorado State University

Mission and Goals

Our goal is to provide an extraordinary education to students in the natural sciences in order to prepare them for careers in modern research, industry, and academia.

The six points of our mission statement include:

Excellence in undergraduate education
Undergraduate students form the heart of the College of Natural Sciences. The quality of the education we provide is the key focus to which every member of our faculty is fully devoted. By thriving to supply excellent opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, our College truly puts students first.

World-class programs of research and graduate education
The faculty of the College of Natural Sciences is involved with cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines. Graduate student education is also a major area in which the college excels.

Outreach to society
The College of Natural Sciences recognizes that much of its support comes from the surrounding community of Fort Collins and the entire state of Colorado. Because of this, we are devoted to giving back as much as possible and to cooperating with the public on key issues that affect us all.

Fostering intercollegial and interdisciplinary programs
We recognize that modern communication technology is blending areas of science and research more than ever before. Therefore, our College is devoted to expanding the boundaries of traditional research into intercollegial and interdisciplinary programs.

Enhancement of diversity
We value and respect both the diversity within our College and the cultural heritage of all members within our community. An education in the Natural Sciences will foster an understanding of diversity and expand a student’s understanding of culture and acceptance.

Improved communication and support from external constituencies
Our College seeks resources from partnerships with foundations and corporations to help expand shared areas of research and interest. By working together with donors to the College, we can accomplish much more to benefit both our faculty and students than would otherwise be possible.