Colorado State University

College Overview

The College of Natural Sciences’ central mission is to train and educate successful scientists, scholars, and responsible citizens. In the college, dedicated professors and strong research programs enable students to become vital participants in the scientific process while preparing to contribute actively and skillfully in a world where knowledge of science and technology is assumed.

Approximately 3,400 of the University’s nearly 21,000 undergraduates are enrolled in majors within the CNS. The college also provides courses for the All-University Core Curriculum as part of the general education component required of all students graduating from the University. Each of our eight departments has strong graduate programs that offer Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Approximately 600 students are currently enrolled in the graduate program.

Last year, the college garnered approximately $32 million in research funding. Many of our approximately 180 regular faculty have won major honors and awards and have achieved international recognition for their research and teaching efforts.


Our Guiding Strategy

Photo of the Rocky Mountains

We are currently working toward the goals set out in our College of Natural Sciences 2021 strategic plan. The plan is a great resource and a good way to understand our priorities.

We are also guided by a College Code, which describes, among other things, our emphases on outreach, enhancement of diversity, and relationships with external constituents.

These formalized guiding principles exist to unify our community, provide measurable paths to success, and position us as a leader in an ever-changing educational environment.


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